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System of checking / testing raw materials and materials-in-process

The raw materials i.e. M S Billet / ingots as per IS 2830 Quality are self prduced and purchased under strict quality control system. Physical inspection of the raw materials is also carried out to remove defective pieces, if any. Qualified Supervisors and Foreman ensure quality as regards maintenance of section weight and size. Qualified Engineers operate to ensure requisite standards / specifications are met. System of checking / testing final product.

Random samples are drawn every half hour for testing from the manufacturing process. Values are documented and recorded lot wise as per IS 1786/1985 for TMT Bars and IS-2830 for billets/ingots, which forms the basis of issuing Test Certificates to customers. These reports are also sent to Consultant and their suggestions for improvement of quality of the materials are implemented.

The Balmmukund TMT bars even excel the BIS norms. Additionally, they go through three stages of quality checks - at the raw material stage, where the material goes through rigorous chemical & physical checks, at the manufacturing stage, where our team of technicians check the process parameters like the temperature of the bar, the diameter, etc. and finally the pre-despatch quality check, which includes testing of physical & chemical properties of the bars. Our Testing Laboratory boasts of the use of State-of-the-art testing facilities like UTM-50MT capacity machine for testing the physical properties of the bar.

You can be sure of two things when you buy Balmukund TMT bar, they bring quality and endurance to your structure.

An effective Quality Management System (QMS) allows the Organization to reduce non-conformance to specifications, standards, and customer expectations in a cost effective and efficient manner. The ISO 9001:2008 standard specifies QMS requirements focused on an Organization’s ability to meet and improve upon Quality and Customer Satisfaction requirements.