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In today's race of globalization, several fields has experienced a tremendous influx and innovation of technology which are vital for the growth of our economy. In today's era of Business competitiveness the handling of cutting edge technology has become the measure for the success of any company.

The proper exploitation of technology strongly influences business competitiveness, which is no longer a matter of choice, but a matter of necessity. We, at BCL understand this need and holds the pride of being Manufactures of 6mm to 32MM TMT bars in India which are produced through a unique and fully-integrated manufacturing process that utilizes optimum technique and quality check-points at every stage. These Bars possess an unbeatable combination of strength, ductility & superior weld ability and what we call as Strength of Truth.

Technologies Implemented which reduced cost and improved quality


We have imported Coal Gasification Plant to produce Producer Gas of high temperature. The use of our Gas Plant reduces the Burning Loss of Fuel, enabling us to save fossil fuels and hence reduces the production cost. The quantity of Pollution is also ver less.

DC & AC Drives

We have setup Control Panels for DC & AC Drives as well for Motors ranging from 3HP to 1250HP. These Drive Systems enable us to save Electricity Loss upto 15% hence reduces cost of production.


We build our Mill fully automated using PLCs & SCADA which makes our Mill more safe for operation, easy error findings and troubleshootings, User friendlyoperation using PCs, Better interlocks between Motors, Gear Boxes, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems which helps us to manufacture Extremely High Quality Products.

Roller Conveyors

We have build Roller Conveyors through out the mill for better and fast material handling.

TMT Quenching Box

We have set up advance TMT quenching system which has improved quality and at the same time reduced huge man power requirement for twisting bars to attain hardness in the materials. There are various route to increase the strength of steel used for construction. One of the oldest route is the CTD Bar route. Here the bars are cold twisted after rolling. Another method is the Micro Alloying of steel to get high strength. The problem with both these systems is the high labour, cost and time. In CTD bars the cost of twisting and this is the main bottleneck in all the mills. For Micro alloying the cost alloying elements is very high. To counter these problems, TMT has developed High Strength with High Ductility.


Once the billets/ingots reach the desired rolling temperature, they are brought out from the furnace and made to first pass through the Roughing Stand, where the process of gradual size reduction of billets begins. The size is further reduced in the Intermediate and Finishing Mills, till their desired size is obtained. Roller Bearings fitted on the Roll Neck prevents unnecessary deformation of the bar. The Lop Scanner in the flow of the bar helps tensionless rolling, ensuring perfect round shape of the bar. This process of gradually reducing the billet/ingot size is paramount to ensure finer grain structure.


At this stage, another round of testing is done, and if accepted, the bars are fed to a Quenching Box at a very high speed. Here, rapid and controlled water quenching is performed to drastically reduce the surface temperature from 950°C to 300°C.


During the quenching process, only the outer portion of the bar (case) gets quenched, while the inner part (core) remains hot. So it is passed on to the Cooling Bed, where the core that is still hot, transfers the heat to the case outside, thereby tempering it. Due to this self-tempering, the martensitic case becomes Tempered Martensite, with more strength and corrosion resistance properties.


Once the bars are cooled, they are straightened and cut into desired lengths by means of cold shear. They are again inspected for chemical and physical properties, and then stored in the Finished Goods Yard and after complete conformation to the customer requirements, they are dispatched to exact site schedules.