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What are the applications of Balmukund TMT Bars?

Balmukund TMT BARS are used in myriad applications in the following segments-

1. Construction 2. Railways
3. Bridge / Flyovers 4. Projects
5. Building / Apartments

What are the product ranges available with Balmukund Concast ltd?

Balmukund Concast Ltd. makes the TMT products conforming to ISO 9001:2008 standard Product range TMT Bars from 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,16mm, 20mm and 25mm

What are the specifications available in the Balmukund TMT Bars product range?

Balmukund TMT Bars holds an ISI license IS 1786 : 1985 for manufacturing TMT Bars under Thermo Mechanical Treatment Process.

Why should we buy Balmukund TMT Bars?

Balmukund Products are manufactured from high quality ingots/Billets, which is purchased from self produced under strct quality measures. The products are manufactured in our ISO certified manufacturing facilities, under strict quality control norms, and have high durability. We also have the well-documented Customer Complaint Handling procedures for settling complaints as required by ISO-9001:2008. The important characteristics of Balmukund TMT Bars are -

1. They are easy to cut.

2. Our Bars have been tested to be Corrosion Resistant.

3. Our Bars have 30% extra tensile strength compared to ISI standards.

4. Our TMT Bars are rolled from tested ingots/Billets IS-2830.

5. Balmukund TMT BARS can withstand high temperature up to the range of 600 degree ensuring fire safety.

6. The design of our Balmukund TMT Bars has been approved by the Govt. Of India.

From where can I buy Balmukund TMT Bars?

We have the biggest Eastern wide Sales & Distribution network. You can buy Balmukund TMT BARS from any of the Balmukund retailers & distributors in your area. You may also contact directly to the company for any requirement and clarification.

Who is Balmukund?

Balmukund Concast Ltd., a manufacturer of Re-Bars , is a popular name amongst the steel manufacturing industries of Eastern India.

What is the company's Quality Management Plan?

Balmukund Concast Ltd., manufactures products of international standard and repute. Highly sophisticated machineries used in the plant assure complete Quality Control of the products manufactured in-house.

What are TMT Re-Bars?

Balmukund Concast Ltd. manufactures Thermo Mechanically Treated re-inforcement bars using the world renowned Thermex Technology. " Balmukund TMT " Re-Bars are produced in the state-of-art plant under close supervision of its front-line senior engineers.

What are the Physical and Chemical properties of TMT Re-Bars?

Balmukund TMT Re-Bars have a unique set of physical and chemical properties superior in comparison to other TMT Re-Bars.

What does Corrosion of Steel mean?

Corrosion is the oxidation of a metal in a normal atmospheric condition owing to the excessive presence of moisture and oxygen in the air.

How can Corrosion of Steel in RCC structure be prevented?

This Balmukund TMT Branded Product is ideal for applications in RCC structures in flyovers, dams, bridges and other critical structures where high yield load (design load) is required without compromising on the ductility.